Lemongrass & Chamomile Soap

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Best Used For:  Mild to Severe Dry Skin, Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin, Intense Relaxation and Calming


This beautifully colored bar is packed with fresh calendula, calming chamomile and sweet lemongrass.  The aroma is out of this world!  We had to make this a big bar because you can never have enough lemongrass in your life. Combine lemongrass with chamomile and you will have a winner every time.  Great for mild exfoliation and intense moisture.  If you can, grab two...  This one is hard to keep in stock!


Saponified Oils:  Olive, Coconut, Palm, Rice, Bran, Palm Kernel, Hazelnut and Soybean, Fresh Calendula Herbs, Lemongrass Powder,  Lemongrass, Chamomile & Litsea Cubeba EO

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