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We specialize in creating all natural products that have been proven to mosturize and purify your body!

FACT: Shana Drove 30 Miles For More FreeMe Deodorant!

What Our Customers Think


This deodorant is amazing!!! I have been using natural deodorant off and on the past few years, having only found one brand (of all the ones I've tried) that actually held me. I was kind of skeptical, but I purchased this during the Christmas season and the coverage has been amazing. The application is smooth and not loose or cakey and the scents are amazing and last all day. I've found my new staple deodorant. 


I bought mango for my daughter and cherry blossom for myself and these are the best natural deodorants we've ever tried. I had my arms raised and I said something smells like roses and then I said oh that's me :) Love this deodorant. This will be our go to deodorant from now on. 


This deodorant is everything and more. I used to despise putting on deodorant because I never enjoyed the smell of the usual ones like dove or secret. But I absolutely adore each of these that I have tried because they are subtle and strong at the same time because they last me all day. If you are going to have an extra strenuous day I do recommend using a little more than usual so that You can guarantee your freshness.