100% Pure Coconut Oil - Unrefined

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Try our organic, unrefined, 100% Pure Coconut Oil. Imported from Ghana, West Africa!

Our organic multi-purpose coconut oil is unbleached and non-deodorized. Benefits include helps relieve dry skin, rejuvenate dull skin, improve elasticity, antifungal and antibacterial. Hair benefits: Light weight daily hair moisturizer, shields protein, seals moisture and improves circulation. Natural superfood helps reduce cholesterol levels, promote weight loss, improve immunity & digestion and healthy dental care. 

Best Used for:

  • Full body moisturizer
  • Oil Pulling (Promotes teeth whitening, healthier gums and fresher breath)
  • Hair and scalp conditioner
  • Organic cooking oil

Available in 4oz. and 8oz. containers

Coconut oil will become solid at room temperature and liquify when temperatures rise above 76 degrees 

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