Sunflower Seed

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Sunflower Seed Oil - (Topical and Edible) 

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil or more simply as Sunflower Oil, is cold pressed from the seeds of the Sunflower.

Used topically, Sunflower Carrier Oil hydrates, softens, prevents moisture loss, defends against external damage, and facilitates the skin’s regeneration. It is gentle enough to use around the eyes and in baby skin care.

Sunflower Oil slows the look of wrinkles, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, eliminates acne-causing bacteria, prevents blemishing, and evens out the skin tone. It is easily absorbed into the skin without clogging pores.

When applied to hair, Sunflower Oil hydrates, strengthens, softens, manages frizz, repairs damage, and effectively addresses thinning, loss, and baldness.

Overall Benefits Include:

  • Improves Digestion
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Energy Booster
  • Promotes Heart Health

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