Win-A-Tin Subscription Box

$ 59.99 USD $ 65.99 USD

Finally, after months of delays, broken promises and even COVID 19, Our Win-A-Tin Box is ready to hit the ground running.  You have made FreeMe Deodorant our Number #1 selling product month after month with constant sell-outs.  You have proven that Natural Deodorant truly Matters Most!  Now we want to make it even better by introducing WIN-A-TIN.  Here's what you get:

-Discounted Pricing up to 15% Off

-Free-Shipping for Recyclables

-Free Deodorant

-Free Recycling Program

-Free Gift with Purchase

FreeMe is exactly that!  Free of aluminum, talc, perfume and every other harmful, pore clogging substance.  This cream-to-powder deodorant will give all day protection while allowing your body to release toxins naturally. Made with starch, baking soda, kaolin clay, minerals, organic butters, beeswax and essential oils. Enjoy all varieties (Mango,  Sensitive Skin *Forget Me Not (Formerly Flower Bomb), Unscented, Island Coconut, Cherry Blossom & Fusion).

(*) Due to the presence of Natural Vanilla in some of our varieties, product may slightly "brown" over time.  This does not effect the potency at all.  To avoid, we recommend full usage within 30 days from purchase. Thank you.

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