Yup Yoni Foaming Feminine Wash

$ 18.99 USD $ 22.99 USD

Introducing our brand new foaming feminine wash, Yup Yoni!  YUP ( Why Use Perfume) is a natural formula recipe that gently cleanses your most delicate parts while balancing your pH level.  This is the perfect recipe for a refreshing cool cleanse.  Safe for daily use that can be applied with a natural sponge, cotton towel or by hand.  Experience what our customers have asked:

Does Yup Yoni really clean - YUP, it does

Does Yup Yoni remove bad odors - YUP, it really does

Is Yup Yoni safe for down there - YUP, it truly is

So if you are ready to step your intimate cleansing game up a notch,  try our new cleanser today for complete freshness.  

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